The History we were not Taught in the South

Landscape, bleak but with the hope of sunrise

Today I learned something. If you are blind to your fellow man’s grief and want to stay blind, don’t read further. If you don’t want to cry, scream, or rage, pass this tale by. If you want to know the truth, read on.

Here is an event that happened in Arkansas on this on this day, March 5, in 1959

Cry first and then remember that everyone who hates the “Woke,” and everyone who fears that “CRT” is being taught to kindergartners might not be ready to repeat this, but they are ready to hush it and walk right by.

It isn’t that they are fascists, but it would be best if you didn’t tell them about the nice little Jewish girl hiding out in the attic.


  1. James S Peters

    Well said, Sir.

    I’m glad to be “Woke”, whatever that means. We’re facing real fascism in the names of God, Guns, Patriotism, and Trump, and it’s scary what people can convince themselves of

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