A Memorial

Medal of Honor for serving in the War of the Worlds

As I drove down the officially unofficial Veterans of the War of the Worlds Memorial Highway, I dipped my head for the moment and thought of the sacrifices made.

Not that his sacrifice ended up being the worst, but General Wells paid the most public price. His last act was opposing the combined forces of Monty Python to the music of Weird Al.

But enough about a man whose acting job to cover up a war lost and won by the forces of nature led him to the career we know him for.

While our Pyrrhic victory earned a respect in the intergalactic community that has afforded us some security from invasion, we have paid a terrible price.

The tight quarantine of the Earth and all its inhabitants means we will never be allowed to join with the intergalactic societies.

In a way, we are still making sacrifices, and we are all Veterans of the War of the Worlds.


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