We do in fact live in a fantasy world.

Within a computer, small electric and magnetic charges flow and are held. These ones and zeros are the gossamer fantasies that rule our world.

How often are you in present tense? How often are you thinking of the past or future? How often are you managing regrets or imagining other outcomes? Our great joys happen when we are living in the moment, but how much time do we spend there?

No judgment, as a fantasy writer, I have no issue with living in alternate realities imagined or real. But there are even more reasons why our world is a fantasy. Our records these days matter as much or more than most of us do. Without your ID, license, passport, checking account, and all the other various electronic records, what remains of your life? Consider that all your facts are encoded in strings of ones and zeros. If that isn’t living in a fantasy world, what is? I wish it were a brighter fantasy, but it has it’s moments.

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