Is Time Forever?

Just killing time or am I killing with time?

The ultimate horror is that we will soon enough be smoke and dust. Maybe we end. Maybe we continue infinitely. If we are infinite and memory is retained, imagine that all your embarrassment goes forward with you into infinite existence. It might be a relief to have it all end when the dirt is tossed on your grave, but I fear it is much, much worse.

In many cultures, there is the concept that you are united with your family in the afterlife. While I do love dearly many of the ones who I grew up with, the thought of eternity with my family and my in-laws makes me wonder, how many spirits attempt suicide?

Here is my thought for the moment. Imagine heaven as a perfect place. Forget judgment, forget right and wrong, or whatever you believed while you were mortal and had no clue worth counting. If you would make heaven less fun, less joyful, and more of a pain, then maybe you need to change. If you would make heaven, even a bit more heavenly, then expect to be drafted. Keep in mind, that the Supreme Being is not contained or explained by your religion or faith. To say otherwise, is blasphemy, if there is blasphemy.

As you pass from this mortal stage, try to keep an open mind, if you keep a mind at all. Otherwise, you may just be adding another embarrassment to live with in eternal embarrassment.

Art by AI (Midjourney). Elements prompted, guided, and selected by Robert Strawn 2022

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