Pictures with my PinePhone Pro Explorers edition

These are early morning pictures taken with a PinePhone Pro. The PinePhone Pro at the time of this article is not quite ready for mass consumption. Considering the photo quality above and a few other issues. But the PPP has a few interesting things that make it special.

For one thing, with the cable I bought from Peterson to tune instruments with my long gone Iphone, and the Lingot program running, this is the best and most convenient tuner for musical instruments that I have ever owned. Notice that I did not say “Lingot App.” I said, “Lingot Program.” This is not your normal phone. This thing is special.

It runs Linux. I can connect it to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. I have a backup of the main operating system on a spare MicroSD card. That’s right, you can put the operating system on a MicroSD card. I can set it up to boot to more than one operating system. One in internal memory and another on a MicroSD.

Additionally, I can turn off things by switch. The cameras, sound, even the modem that makes it a phone can be shut down. The battery can be replaced. That’s right. I have an external charger and a spare battery for my cell phone. When the battery dies in a few years, my phone won’t be a brick.

It has been a long road, with a lot of issues, but this is now the phone I carry, if and when I carry a phone. My darling wife and editor has considered this object a waste of time with a slight value as a toy for me to fiddle with and keep my technical skills going as I relearn Linux.

While the photos are terrible, I can now use my phone to record events. Now I need to make a case for it. This is a reasonable unique phone so I can’t just get a case on Amazon. Fortunately I do leather work.

It does not compare as a camera to my old Moto G6.

Thunderpaws, we miss you!

And the Hero 9 beats that hands down.

Hero9 photo

And the Nikon D5600 smokes all of the above.

I like birds

So even if the phone had the profiles right to use the cameras to their maximum ability I would still prefer other cameras.

There is an old adage about cameras though that makes me look forward to the PPP getting better at taking pictures. “The best camera is always the one you have with you.”

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