Headgames Quote for the Day

Even those who deny all magic, fear what hides in shadow.

Headgames the series and the world it was set in was based on a simple thought. What if everything that multiple cultures had come up with independently, was real? This thought was followed with research and long discussion with my better half.

When my better half was ill, I started writing a story using the notes, ideas and research we had shared so I could read it to her when she woke up. I didn’t want it too depressing, but that was going to be a hard task. Much of the shared legends between cultures paint dark pictures of the extended reality they describe. Much of what we share verges on and dives deeply into horror.

I decided to write it like a Mariachi song. Underneath it is a very dark tale, but it is sung so brightly. A bold face and smile facing a world gone wrong.

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